BAC Ways post

Beulah Adventist College is part of the ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Tonga and is located on the outskirts of Vaini.

The first European Seventh-day Adventist missionary, E. H. gates, came to Tonga in 1891. AJRead came along with him in the boat “PITCAIRN”. They arrived at the capital city, NUKU’ALOFA. They both returned without establishing the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. In 1895, E. Hilliard arrived to start up the work here at Nuku’alofa.

In the year 1895, Mrs. Hilliard commenced a small Primary School. This was the first known Seventh-day Adventist school in the Kingdom. When the student enrollment exceeded the accommodation provided at the teacher’s homes, they were moved into a separate school building – 14ft. x 24ft.

Mr. and Mrs. S. Butz came from Pitcairn Island the following year to help Mrs. Hilliard teach in this school, soon after this promising start with up to 28 students, interest flagged and the school was closed.

On November 28, 1904; Mr. Ella Boyd, from Australia restarted the school on a new piece of land acquired by the church at Mangaia, where the mission headquarters still operates. During this time the school became attractive to both Europeans and Tongans of high and low estate so that more teachers came from Australia – Nellie Sisley, Myra Ford amd Mrs. E Thorpe – to care for the growth in this school enrolment.