Student's Service

Seventh - day Adventist education is based upon a world view derived from Christian faith. This view begins with:

An eternal loving and personal God who has always existed and all powerful and is the source of all life, truth beauty and Christian values. God through Christ the Son, created this world as a part of His perfect universe.

God sustains His creation by his power and through the laws He Instituted. Although created perfect. This planet has been corrupted by sin resulting in a world that is out of harmony with the rest of creation. However, God has instituted plans to restore this world to its original perfection.

Man was originally created in God’s image a unity of body, mind and spirit, endowed with intellect, and the power of choice. Sin, however, has not only corrupted man’s environment, but himself. God’s image has been marred, yet may be resorted through a personal response to the initiative of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. Since all truth is God’s truths there is no dichotomy between the sacred and the secular, rather, Christian faith pervades all our life and every activity has spiritual significance.

God through His moral laws has outlined standards of ethical behaviour based on His own character of love. When adopted by man these laws develop a commitment to selfless services and personal and loving concern for all.

Man’s appreciation of beauty and his innate creativity, although assured by sin still reflect God’s image. Without the direction of the Holy Spirit these capacities may be used for evil instead of good. Appreciation of beauty and creativity extend to all of man’s cultural activities and involve relationships with God, other people, and the natural world.